Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Run a Mile

Lads and Lassies, I'm just putting this idea out for people to think about, how about the seniors and fermoy runners meet up in the track some friday evening and run a mile so as to get 1 rep max, we will time each individual and record everyone's time and arrange to repeat the same drill a couple of months down the road, it will give people an idea on how their fitness and speed is progressing, also it will give people a chance to meet up with the different people in the groups. It's time for idea's to be put forward and acted on to help the senior side of the club. Remember it's a bit of fun aswell. I was thinking the 2nd week in may. THE ONLY THING IS NO WATCHES ALOUD WILL RUNNING THE MILE!!!!!, it a chance for people to see how their pacing is without checking the GPS!!!

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