Friday, April 23, 2010

Ballintotis '4'

This race used be the Castlemartyr '4' but this year they changed location to Ballintotis. I feel they have found a gem of course. It is a flat fast course, on quiet country roads. It seemed to be really popular with everybody on the night. Lets hope this race stays on the calendar.

There was a big turnout on the night with 435 completing the 4 mile course. Grange Fermoy had 6 on the night and times and finishing positions are as follows:

16 0:22:24 HEALY, Don Grange-Fermoy AC M 05:35.9
37 0:23:38 O'CONNOR, Brian Grange-Fermoy AC M 05:54.4
70 0:24:49 BARRETT, Olan Grange-Fermoy AC M 06:12.1
83 0:25:15 TOBIN, Morris Grange-Fermoy AC M60 06:18.6
88 0:25:27 FLYNN, Darren Grange-Fermoy AC M 06:21.6
352 0:35:12 FLEMING, Niamh Grange-Fermoy AC F40 08:47.9

Well done to all on the good finishing times and positions.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Great Island '10'

Yesterday was the inagural 10 mile race in Cobh. It was a glorious day for a run around Cobh. There was 513 finishers of the race. This is a very big number especially for its first ever race. The following are the finishing times and positions of the Grange Fermoy athletes.

Place Time Name Team Category min/mile
31 1:04:24 O'CONNOR, Brian Grange-Fermoy AC M 06:26.3
67 1:08:54 GRIFFIN, John Grange-Fermoy AC M40 06:53.3
89 1:11:09 ENNIS, Michael Grange-Fermoy AC M40 07:06.8
115 1:13:42 FITZGIBBON, Clotilde Grange-Fermoy AC F35 07:22.1
117 1:13:57 ENNIS, Joan Grange-Fermoy AC F45 07:23.6
388 1:33:09 HARRINGTON, Norma Grange-Fermoy AC F45 09:18.8
421 1:37:31 HAYES, Tina Grange-Fermoy AC F35 09:44.9 463

Well done to all on the good times

Monday, April 12, 2010

UCC 10km

Along with yesterday' race in Kilnaboy there was a race closer to home with the UCC 10km race. The athletes here also had to endure the hot conditions.

There was a large turnout for this race with 426 finishers. Grange Fermoy had one athlete in the race. Brian O Connor finished in a time of 39.13 which gave him a finishing position of 45th.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kilnaboy '10'

The final race of the John Buckley 10 mile series was held today in the beautiful setting of Kilnaboy which is beside The Burren.

A warm sunny day welcomed the athletes and added with an undulating course made for a tough race. There was 225 finishers of the race and 3 from Fermoy made the long journey to Kilnaboy. They were Olan Barrett, Darren Flynn and John Griffin. The finishing times and positions are as follows.

44 1:08:28 BARRETT, Olan Grange-Fermoy AC M 06:50.7
72 1:11:50 FLYNN, Darren Grange-Fermoy AC M 07:10.9
103 1:17:16 GRIFFIN, John Grange-Fermoy AC M40 07:43.5