Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Results + Photos from the XC in Bandon

The Intermediate and Masters XC took place in Bandon last Sunday on a very nice day. Due to the heavy rain leading up to the race it left the course very soft, but Grange/Fermoy AC performed very well.

In the mens team event Grange/Fermoy came in 5th place with Brian O'Connor, Maurice Tobin, John Griffin and Olan Barrett being the scoring runners coming home in 14th, 19th, 26th and 31st place respectively. Maurice Tobin also managed to win his age category.

In the ladies event Grange/Fermoy performed extremley well. In the Team event they came in a very good 3rd place with Clotilde Fitzgibbon, Joan Ennis and Siobhan Steele being the three members of the team. They ended up in 5th,9th and 12th place respectively. Joan Ennis came second in her age category with Siobhan Steele coming in 3rd place in her age category.

Here are the pictures of the Grange/Fermoy AC athlethes who took part in the XC in Bandon last Sunday.

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